Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hair: Addendum

Just a reminder, maybe to myself, that Michael Burke was Steinbrenner's partner in buying the Yankees from CBS. He was hardly a traditionalist.

From Grantland:

Burke was certainly hip to the times. He wore his hair long and his sideburns longer, he attended antiwar protests, and, as befit a man who kept a pair of volumes written by Eldridge Cleaver in his office bookcase, he was quite liberal when it came to race relations. After firing Barber, Burke redeemed himself in the eyes of many by finding and hiring Bill White, the first African American to call a game for the Yankees. “We have a stadium not too far from Harlem,” Burke told White. “I want those black kids there knowing that when they grow up they can do what you’re doing.” Burke also pushed the team to diversify its lily-white lineup, but he never managed to find the minority superstar he hoped would someday serve as the progressive face of the Yankees.


Anonymous said...

So, what happened to Burke?? Did George (and his pal, Rudy) force him out?? I barely remember him being involved, at all....anybody know??

BTW: Rumor has it that the Kushner family is trying to buy the Marlins - - and Rump may have made Jeffrey Loria an offer he can't refuse: an ambassadorship to France!! Another sweet biz move by the Master of the (sleazy) Deal, if true. LB (No J)

John M said...

Burke sold his portion of the Yanks and bowed out, move to Ireland in 1981 after heading up Madison Square Garden, moved to Ireland and died in 1987. He had an incredible life, there was even a Gary Cooper movie about his WWII exploits.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, John, That's good to know. LB (No J)