Sunday, February 5, 2017

Big Game Tonight sausage links

You're probably too young to remember John Glenn's first space flight, and how the entire world collectively held it's breath for a two-minute stretch during re-entry, when radio communication broke off between Mission Control and the tiny craft. I was pray-to-God terrified.

Well, this is baseball's version of that brief blackout. Nothing is happening. For a while, the only news worth your attention will be informative captions on the SI swimsuit edition. In a week, we'll be hearing about how Dellin Betances' dog has ringworm, and learning of Brett Gardner's Oscar picks.

Until then, here are today's links, made of turkey.

Wither goest Dustin Ackley? To the west. The Anaheim, California Angels of Los Angeles... or the LA LA Lambs. The great preservationist, Ann Gorsuch-Burford, once called environmental regulations a "nothing burger." Well, that's what Ackley was with the Yankees. You can't rip a guy for getting hurt (unless it's Henry Cotto, and be busts an eardrum with a Q-tip.) In his brief Yankee career - 113 at bats - The Ack hit 4 HR and batted .283. Guys have done worse, though Jose Ramirez, whom we gave up along with Ramon Flores, has become a serviceable, 26-year-old bullpen lugnut. Bad deal. Oh, well...

When will Oswaldo Cabrera reach The Show? You're dying to know. Here are MLB ETA projections for a bunch of prospects, most of whom you will never hear of again. Optimistically, the most likely possibility - never - isn't mentioned.

Big game tonight. Actually, this afternoon.  Grrr.


Mustang said...

How can you plug the Puppy Bowl when John Sterling is on the Kitten Bowl?

el duque said...

I thought the Kitten Bowl is the halftime show? I figured that made him Lady JohnJohn, which is demeaning. The Master IS the show.