Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Brian Cashman speaks well of Judge Gorsuch. Is that a good thing?

This morning, sportswriters rooted out that Brian Cashman is a high school classmate of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, son of  the great environmentalist, Anne Gorsuch. They were homies in the Class of '85 at Georgetown Prep, a silver spoon private school outside D.C. 

Cashman said of his former classmate:

"He’s a very impressive person. Very humble, very genuine, extremely bright." 

Well, I guess that settles it. Cashman likes him? Can't get a more credible endorsement than that. I mean, the Oracle of Delphi has spoken. Nobody's going to question Gorsuch's worthiness now, not after Mr. Veracity himself has weighed in. Face it, Democrats. Cashman has a knack for finding winners. 

For example, consider Cash on...

Alfredo Aceves: "He's done a great job and we're really excited about the prospect of getting him back." (2010)

Sidney Ponson: "He's coming in to try to pitch his way up here to be a choice for us in the big leagues... He did everything we asked." (2008)

Jeff Weaver: "We're ecstatic to have the opportunity to seize the moment to acquire someone of his abilities." (2002)

Javier Vasquez: "He is a tremendous pitcher with a long career of success and durability." (2009)

Jonathan Albaladejo: “He’s a big, strong, imposing guy. Six-foot-5!.. He will be an interesting character for us.” (2007)

Carl Pavano: `We have high hopes for Carl.''  (2006)

Kei Igawa: "If we can secure him, we'll put him in the back of the rotation. I've seen him on video and we've had multiple looks over the last several years." (2006)

Can't wait to see what this Gorsuch can do in uniform. I'm penciling him in for 20 wins. They say he's young. Think can be the next Ellsbury? 


Mustang said...

The Yankee front office is a right-wing cell, just like the NYC office of the FBI.

I'm Bill White said...

Georgetown Prep to Catholic University for Bri-Guy? That's the story you should be writing. How'd that happen?

Anonymous said...


John M said...

Say what you will about Carl Pavano, but he made the trains run on time. Or something.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Duque!! "Great environmentalist" - - I almost spit my Diet Coke all over the computer-screen: I still haven't forgotten Ms. Burford Gorsuch.
Hey - - I bet Paulie would give Gorsuch an endorsement, too - - what more are we waiting for?? After all, the Captain will probably never tell us how he feels....
Yep - - the Yankee FO is Rudy's Raiders, Inc. No Bouda'doubtit.
And, "book smart", all-caps?? Maybe not, too - - it's no longer a requirement for any office in the land, after all. LB (No J)
P.S. Duque - - If you've stored up more treasures like that, perhaps your next book should be "Wit & Wisdom of the Yankee's Brass", or something....