Sunday, November 4, 2018

Time To Begin A "Photo Future" for the Yankees

Whenever a thought jumps into my normally vacant head, and that thought pertains to how I believe the Yankees will perform in 2019, I am going to post a photo.

I shall use imagery rather than words to express feelings.

Everyone should do the same.

If the photo is a "perfect expression" of the thought ( your judgement ), no explanation will be needed.  I do concede that some photos may require a caption, a paragraph or a treatise.

The Photos can pertain to any aspect of the team, including

- ownership,
-  the GM office
- coaches
- manager
- players
- the farm system
- the "Saud " family owners
- the pumpkin seed supplier

Your photo may reflect on player transactions, prospects, hopes and dreams. Yours or theirs.

Think of the verbage  this will save, as we venture into an alternative art form of Yankee
discussions .......particularly in "the dark winter" of the off-season.

Okay.  enough rhetoric.

Here is my first photo:

Fire up those brownies, enhance them, consume them, and then use them to capture images.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

This is my image for Aaron Boone, noted coxswain.

Anonymous said...


Cisco kid said...

You might as well face. Cashman will sign ..manny Machado so now there will b .2 nutbags plus 1 in training judge

Alphonso said...

Excellent, LBJ

If I could figure out ........I would post it.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Yes, I'll let you post these. I don't want to steal your thunder. It's an excellent idea.