Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Magic Number Is Six

Six more wins gets us the Yanks' 27th straight winning season.

Six more wins gets us a record, 95 winning seasons, out of the 117 years the club has been in existence (21 losing records—and only 10 out of the last 102 years—plus one right at .500).

Six more wins.

To quote Keats—always a huge Yankees fans—that is all ye can expect from this team, and all that ye will get.


Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Today’s solid Sterlingism... “This is Tanaka’s best pitched game ever, at least in the States”.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I guess he meant "Dominion." Or "Provinces."

Magic number down to 5!!

JM said...

A big Yankees win. Really big.

Prof. Tanaka finally showed up again.

Parson Tom said...

44 games to go. If they take 22 of those games, a .500 pace, they'll have 99 wins, and the Rays will have to maintain a .750 winning percentage to pass the Yankees. That's reassuring, but I'm sure many of us will resort to wrist-slitting if the teams finishes with just 99 wins.

We all know the weaknesses on this team, starting with the brass, the bench strategy and the pitching. But it's been a remarkable run so far. Stanton ain't coming back and Boone seems to be sticking with the ones that brung him. Maybe. Just maybe.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yup. And I won't kick about 99 wins...or anything above 81!

This is actually a fun team to watch. It's just such a shame the team they already rebuilt has crumbled already. It does not bode well for the newbies.

TheWinWarblist said...

Harken to my Dark Words of Doom! It is all Illusion! The Yankees will barely make the playoffs, if at all!!

Parson Tom said...

But Horace, Baseball always changes like this. I agree the Judge-Sanchez juggernaut fizzled. It would be phenomenal to have those two stomping around like it was 2016 and '17. Man, that was fun, and it looked like we had instant superstars. Instead, we got some pretty darn good streaky hitters who have been frequently hurt. They are never as good or as bad as they look.

But instead of a steady diet of tape measure HRs and a third helping of strikeouts, this year we've seen brilliant play from The General, Gio & the Gang including Luke Voit's hanging intestines. So much more fun than last year's team because they seem like overachievers, which, considering this year's pitching, they are.

Our ace is lucky to get through five innings before the other team goes into hyperdrive, and the rest of them manage to rouse their best selves once a month. We do have the best Opener line-up in the league, but our late-inning relay relief team sure looks used hard and put up wet. Who knows? Maybe they're saving bullets for a mind-boggling tournament. (not confident about that)

Perhaps we can bludgeon them all to death through three rounds of the playoffs. We still have a big talent in the wings with Frazier, who might join the team late this month with a huge chip on his shoulder. And since Judge and Sanchez will be in the lineup, you can't forget that either one of them could get crazy hot and carry the team for a while . . . or not.

Have a good evening, Yankee fans. Quite pleased here with the split in Toronto.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Oh, I agree, Parson Tom. I like this team a lot more, too. I'm just sort of outraged that there are so many injuries—and so little healing!

I've never seen a team where so many guys go on the EL, start rehab...and then get worse.

This doesn't concern me all that much when it comes to, say, Stanton, who never should've been on the team in the first place. But it does with Sanchez, and especially Judge—and double, triple, quadruple especially with Severino, who seems to have been allowed to go on injuring his arm last year.

Yeah, these guys are properly compensated nowadays, and no need to feel all that sorry for them. It just seems like such a waste.

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