Monday, January 17, 2022

A Time To Remember

When the Yankees first began informing us that their latest international signee, Jason Dominguez,  " is already as good as Mike trout," I had a revelation.

Wearing, one Sunday morning,  my full "Dragonfly Man" garb,  I saw this message in the mirror: "it isn't Jason, it is Jessica."

This is not a message intended to be demeaning to women.  It is a message to suggest that Jason will play more like "Jessica" than Mike Trout. And there are, as yet, no " Jessica's" in MLB.

And now we hear tales off over-eating, during the pandemic.  Lord knows I have done so.  I consumed more than 400,000 chocolate covered ants watching the Cowboys lose to the Niners. And loved every morsel.

So Jason has turned to triple cheese-burgers and large fries?  Accompanied by a quart-sized Grape soda? So what?  He is a rich teenager.  And he is a chubby .256 hitter against high school level pitching.  The focus this season will be on his diet and not his inability to play the game.  All diversions are protective of a stupid front office. 

Here is the takeaway for today;  The Yankees confidence in this young person is why the Yankees can't win a play-in game.  They think band-aids will heal their hernia. 

Let it be said, because things need to be said, that " I was among the first" ( probably the very first )  to predict that we did not have a new baseball sensation on our hands.

My " Jessica" is no Mike Trout.  Probably not even a Florial.  

Most likely, just another Koi for the big pond. 

Another fat swimmer with interesting coloration. 


el duque said...

I think the Jupiterian is gonna be great, and you will put on 30 pounds by eating these words.

DickAllen said...

Let's see:

Poor kid from the DR

Given 5million at age 16

Eats his way to Seattle.

Sounds about right.

EDB said...

Let's see him shine.

JM said...

With the Yankees, expect nothing. Your expectations will likely be fulfilled.

borntorun999 said...

I guess it’s asking too much to wait about 3 years and make a determination then…

HoraceClarke66 said...

I think we should feel lucky that he is only eating, and not spending his nights drinking, drugging, and wenching. I know that's what I would have done if someone had handed me $5 million at age 16. And $5 million in the DR is probably more like $50 million.

Alphonso said...

$5 million in the DR is likely a death sentence.