Saturday, May 4, 2024

"The offense wakes up, and they walk it off!"

Michael Kay made the call, and the Yankees showed their first signs of life since Houston. 

The Top Ten Positive Yankee news, ranked.

1. We won.
2. Judge started off the rally.
3. Verdugo made a great bunt.
4. Giancarlo!
5. Rizzo finished it.
We beat a decent team. 
7. We didn't squander Stroman's outing.
8. DJ still coming back.
9. Nobody watched the Baltimore series, because of the Knicks.
10. Nobody shot a puppy.

Still, it was not long ago - 2019, in fact - when we used to handle Baltimore. In case you forgot... 

Ah, but we were so much older then,
We're younger than that now.


The Hammer of God said...

Suyzn said that was Detroit's worst pitcher last night. And he pitched a scoreless outing. Look for more shutouts and toothless hitting in the remainder of this series.

TheWinWarblist said...

I have no idea what happened last night.

Pocono Steve said...

I don't want to point out the two seeing-eye base hits in last night's miracle walkoff as evidence counter to the idea that the offense has woken up, so I won't.

JM said...

But I do want to point out that Stanton actually ran--RAN--all the way to second after slashing that ball. And he did ka-reem that baseball, whatever the exit velocity was.

So he can move when he wants to, I guess. Which makes you wonder about all the jogs.

Verdugo's bunt was fantastic. A Yankee, bunting, and bunting very well. Somewhere the Scooter is smiling.

Carl J. Weitz said...

The Yankees won but are a team that can't hit overall and will lose a lot of close games. A team can't continually have unproductive at-bats (strikeouts and double-plays) and expect to win the low-scoring games. Nothing will change this. Unless, perhaps, the Yankees hire Cerrano, the ex-Cleveland Indian player and current Allstate pitchman to do his voodoo.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

I was at a different Fellini movie last night. When did Bonehead get ejected? I mean, there's no way someone bunted in the ninth if he was still managing. And Glassman actually *run*??!? No way Bonehead was managing.

BTR999 said...

Steve is correct, the rally wasn’t thunder and lightning, but no less effective…the old school concept of making contact validated again. We crucify Stanton regularly, so let’s give him credit on a great swing on that double and I was shocked as anyone to see him standing on second. Verdugo’s bunt was beautiful; Boone will probably get a note from the pantywaists in analytics. They HATE bunting…

So keep it going today, no need to wait until the bottom of the ninth to get it going.