Monday, May 6, 2024

Top 10 positive takeaways from Sunday's victory, ranked.

1. We won.

2. Rainout - 51-degrees, steady downpour - required only 8 innings. (Resting Clay Holmes.)

3. Zone of Death (in yellow) went 4-15, scored twice.

4. Aaron Judge - aka "Captain Fury" - not ejected.

5. Nestor ERA now at 3.72.

6. No injuries. (Reported.)

7. Full day off to savor sweep.

8. Soto kidded as "Juan Solo" for Star Wars promotion. (Hope he laughed.)

9. Oswaldo plays 1B for first time: two hits, RBI double, no errors.

10. Yanks now 10 games over .500. Cheating Astros - rightfully tied for last in AL West - on the way. 


13bit said...

11. Boone is still Boone
12. Brian is still GM
13. Hal is still owner

AboveAverage said...

14. Boone, Cash and Hall’s penises disappeared years ago

The Hammer of God said...

I think they got lucky. Obviously very fortunate to win the first one in the 9th inning. And then this rainout prevented a potential bullpen collapse blown save in the 9th.

So far, other than the beating from the Orioles, I'd say just about everything has gone pretty well this year. But that just means that they'll have to pay the Piper later. I don't believe this will be a Cinderella year for the Yanks. This ain't no 1996 Championship team.

Piper might even show up to collect in the very next series against the ASS-stros. Strap on helmets and flak jackets. Clean and oil your gun and get ready to dive under the desk with a full canteen and beef jerky. Write your last will and testament in letters to loved ones. The post boy will be here to pick up the outgoing mail @ 2400 hours sharp!

Rufus T. Firefly said...

15. Mikey Stanton is still on a tear. He only struck out 3 times!

JM said...

16. Boone has no worries about Volpe's batting plunge and says it's got nothing to do with leading off.
17. The Astros suck and if we don't sweep them, our franchise is a headcase.

TheWinWarblist said...

18. Cheating Astros - rightfully tied for last in AL West - on the way.

That is the most wonderful sentence ever written on this esteemed blog.

Fuck the Asstros. All of them with HIV and syphilitic pus.

Celerino Sanchez said...

This team will make the playoffs because everyone else sucks!!

HoraceClarke66 said...

No, they didn't look like world beaters. But that 7th inning...

Hit-and-run single by Trevino! Volpe worked a walk, Soto with the ripped double, Judge with another walk, and then Stanton with a hit. Okay, it was a broken-bat blooper to center. But still!

Vertigo then had a really good at-bat, and ripped a line drive...that was right at the second baseman. The Gleyber even managed to get the ball in the air, for what might have been a sac fly, had Vertigo's ball gone through.

Could easily have been a five-run inning, but they did get three. They continue like this, it will be good.

Of course they won't...

Carl J. Weitz said...

No comment until the time limit is up".

13bit said...

So many takeaways, so little time.

For those who have not yet bought and begun to read or already read Hoss's book - all I can do is to say: GET IT NOW.

"The New York Game: Baseball and the Rise of a New City"

This is not a paid endorsement.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled penile programming...

Pocono Steve said...

No spoilers! I'm only on page 182!

AboveAverage said...

The naked Zimmer dance in front of George that's described across pages 238 and 243 is worth the MSRP!

Pocono Steve said...

Nice, Knicks!