Monday, June 4, 2012

With the 20th anniversary of the Jeter draft, Baltimore can ponder what might have been

We know from TV that alternative realities exist. Thus, somewhere out there in the multi-verse, beyond the world where Andruw Jones spells his name “Androo,” – there is an earth where the Baltimore Orioles 20 years ago slightly altered their draft strategy.

Instead of taking Jeffrey Hammond, they chose a highly touted teenager from Michigan. Let’s go there.

Baltimore has done the impossible. It managed to transition from the great, iconic shortstop of Cal Ripken Jr. to his natural successor: Derek Jeter. The Orioles have been a regular power in the American League East, and every kid growing up in America dreams of playing shortstop in Camden Yards. It is the most glory-filled position in sports, akin to what centerfield was to the Yankees around 1975.

Now, in the twilight of Jeter’s career, the nation is wondering who will be the next great Baltimore shortstop?

Of course, many believe the greatest shortstop remains the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez, freshly celebrating his marriage to Drew Barrymore, star of the movie “Fever Pitch,” which detailed the great 2004 Yankee comeback against mighty Baltimore.

In other alt-earth news, former Met Curt Schilling has been named 2012 “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce…

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Buck Showalter said...

you show no respect for Flanny