Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Compassionate Thought

As you now know, this is the last time the Yankees will be in a meaningful playoff series for at least a decade.

Several members of the Yankees have given their all, but do not have the talent, really, to be on a major league team, much less have again the opportunity to play in a meaningful post-season, major league game.  Others have battled their way back from injury, and others have indeed been valiant and heroic.

We won't win with the overpaid failures we have been playing.  Derek is gone.  And our pitching will get no support from the $200 million guys.

So here is what Joe should do, because he can't do worse and because it would show some character and compassion.  Not to mention, it would be his way ( and ours ) of saying, "thanks":

1.  Third base - Eric Chavez
2.  Second base - Jason Nix
3.  Shortstop - Eduoardo Nunez
4.  Catcher - the backup guy whose name I never learned ( I still wish it were Cervelli ).
5.  Left Field - Ibanez
6.  Centerfield _ Brett Gardener
7.  Rightfield - Ichiro
8.  First Base - Tex, I guess ( defense )
9.  DH - Russell Martin ( or is Dickerson on the team?)

Joe says, "we'll just have to find a way to win without Derek."

 I agree.

Try this one.


John M said...

The lineup is out and we know what Joe decided to do.

I would have gone with your outfield (after that line drive last night, no way would I stick with Swish--no hit and only adequate defense, if that? no way).

But here's the golden opportunity that is being missed, I think.

Alex at short. An emotional jolt for him and for the team, seeing him at his natural position. Muscle memories of greatness. A feeling that he really belongs that he's never had here. The position he probably always should have had if he was to come here, given his eggshell psyche.

Keep Robbie, drop him to ninth, his defense is more important than ever now.

But Alex at, that would have taken some balls, and the Hollywood-style emotions might have woken these palookas up. Especially if the Captain himself made the announcement to the team via Skype.

A golden moment, blown. Like so many blown moments with this team.

Alphonso said...

Excellent idea. Much better than mine.

He should do it in Detroit, at minimum.