Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Letter to the Editor: How about them Mets!

The Daily Gazette
October 21, 2012 Sunday
Schenectady/Albany; Final Edition
Dear Editor:

I applaud the person [Oct. 9 letter] who pointed out the coverage of the New York Yankees vs. the Mets. I, too, am a Mets fan, and it seems to me that whether they do well or poorly, it only makes the front page of Sports if the Yankees have nothing going on.

It saddens me that we only recognize one New York baseball team. The Mets might not have done as well as we wanted this season, but they did have two outstanding pitching records set, as well as David Wright setting his own personal record.

I really hope that next season, both teams get equal time on the front page of the Sports section.

Trish Harrington


Anonymous said...


John M said...

'The Daily Gazette' my ass. It's the Schenectady Gazette, always was, and the name change was a lame ploy to get people outside Sch'dy to read the rag. Which nobody in their right mind would, except for Carl Strock's column and my mom's letters to the editor.

As for Ms. Harrington, it is precisely that kind of attitude that continues to make my hometown a sad, anemic shadow of what it once was before GE screwed it over by pulling almost the entire company out for greener pastures.

Mets coverage, indeed. Yes, more coverage of complete losers, please, so readers can feel they are superior to at least someone.

Bah, humbug.

el duque said...

I feel a little better not. I'd hate to think we lost Schenectady.