Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Days Are growing Short

For many of us, the next three games will be the last time we see the Yankees in a playoff game.

It is the end of an era we shall all remember.  But it is ending in disappointment, not glory and joy.

The 4 run rally in the ninth last night will be a footnote for the careers of Ichiro and Raul Ibanez. Note that Ichiro has been a Yankee for a month, and Ibanez for a year.  Neither came close to emerging from the "yankee system."  Nor were they traded for, or acquired for cash, in the recent past ( unlike Tex, A-Rod, even Granderson ).

We were able to "replace" Mariano because Soriano was a proven professional who had led the league in saves for the Rays.

We have not been able to replace A-Rod because we only developed Brandon Laird.  We will replace Derek, now, with Jason Nix.

Cano will continue to nonchalantly hit in the low .100's, while Swisher and Granderson will struggle to do even that.

Andy came back to help and he did. Mo wants to come back, too.

Be careful what you ask for, I say.  MO may never again see a meaningful save situation.  And Andy will be pitching against the Royals trying to avoid a sweep in June.

This team has crumbled before our eyes, much in the exact manner I earlier predicted.  Age slows down legs, bat speed, sharpness of vision and reflexes.  It also breaks ankles and tears ACLs.

And the worst kept secret is that the Yankees have no one in the minor leagues who could possibly become a dominant major league player.  They touted Banuelos as the next Ron Guidry.  He is now the next Kerry Wood.

They touted Andy Brackmanwho is trying to play basketball in Yemen.  They touted Dellin Bettances who has yet to throw two consecutive strikes in Trenton. Nunez, our net zero tool player, is the last and latest prospect whom other teams once coveted.  No more.

So the next three playoff games represent the end of playoff baseball for the Yankees. We will be sweptin this series, even if CC gives us nine innings of shut-out ball.  Nine innings of holding the opposition to zero runs isn't enough for this team.

A Yankee team who cannot score a run with men on second and third, at home, and no one out, is going home.

And the Yankees will be staying home for at least a decade.  Perhaps two decades, unless Hank and Hal sell the team to someone who isn't brain dead and actually wants to win.

And for many of us, two decades could easily be forever.

See you in Mexico.


Dr. James Andrews said...

Spiral cut hot dogs are a leading cause of broken ankles.

Alphonso said...


I couldn't find the visual I needed and tried reverse, reverse Ju-ju. It helped us get the tie in the ninth, but could not put us over the top.

Cerelino Sanchez said...

Yankees will pound the ball today. A bombs, Text Messages, Swishalicous Grandy Bombs.

(Tell me about the rabbits, George)

Chris said...

wow, are you even a Yankees fan?