Saturday, October 13, 2012

JUJU EMERGENCY: Do not spiral-cut your hot dogs, no matter what Alphonso says

In urging fans to spiral-cut hot dogs, Alphonso forgets their true history. When a Yankee fan spiral-cuts hot dogs, the Yankees lose--as Alphonso himself reported in July:
...Duque claims he can make the ultimate hot dog and proceeds to spiral ( see photo ) and grill four.  That night, the Yanks lose a heartbreaker 4-3 as Tex gives the game away with his first error of the year.

Next day - Alph , Duque and several other " named Yankees" of this blog, retire to a lakeside location for a traditional barbeque and independence day fireworks ( yes, on the 3rd ).  Duque takes charge of one grill, and begins "spiraling" hot dogs ( including Hoffman's finest ) despite an absolute dearth of requests for said format.  Yanks lose 7-4 and make 3 errors.

Following morning:  Alph awakens and recalls the vision which woke him.  He heads over to Duque's turf and tells him, " I know why the Yankees are losing.  It is those damn spiral hot dogs!"  
Short-story:  the dogs ( Hoffman ) got grilled normally and were in the process of being consumed... Result of Ju-Ju insight and implementation;  Yanks come back to win 4-3.
Do not spiral-cut hot dogs. 

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