Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter to the Editor: They rolled over

The New York Post
October 21, 2012 Sunday

Dear Editor

Everyone has an opinion on the Yankees' embarrassing ALCS showing. What cannot be debated is the entire team's carefree demeanor throughout the playoffs. This is about a group of men who showed no heart, no fight and no passion for the game. They rolled over and played dead, a huge smack in the face to every loyal Yankees fan. 

Mamaroneck N.Y.

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Tom from GA said...

Whoa, Nelly! This guy is way off base on that. The Yankees were so bad in the playoffs that it was tempting to suggest that they all be taken out back to be shot and put out of their collective misery. But they never once seemed not to care. I hated the expression on A-Rod's face after each strikeout, and I hated the parade of failure, but if anything, those guys are guilty of caring too much, choking because they so wanted to do well. I invest way too much in the Yankees each season, but I think that qualifies me to say that these guys never stopped trying, never stopped caring. Even with their ultimate and spectacular failure, which was consistent with the weaknesses they demonstrated all season, this was a group that I enjoyed supporting because you always knew they were trying. Frank from Mamaroneck needs to get off his yacht more and get to know the team better.