Friday, October 19, 2012

Who Do You Want Back?

All the newspapers that still publish on pulp give readers today a,"keep or dump" poll for each member of the infamous 2012 Yankees.

 Here are the people I checked as "keep" :

1.   Ichiro - he is a pro with a year left. Too bad he'll never realize his dream of playing in a world series.

2.  Martin- he will be a great back-up when Jesus Montero is ready to start at catcher.

3.   Soriano- even if MO returns for a season, he'll quickly see that the days of, "big save moments" are gone for him. Someone has to be here when he packs it in. And who, besides Derek, was a more reliable Yankee, and did his job exceptionally wel in 2012?

Which is why the Yankees will let him go to Boston.

4. Brett Gardner- he can't stay healthy, but he is fast and is not a quitter.

5. CC - a solid number 2 or 3 starter.

6.  Hughes- if he comes back from back surgery, he might help in the bullpen.

7.  Joba - we need amusement and distraction of some sort. He provides it.

8.  Hiroki - another professional who did what he was paid to do.

9.  Derek- a sad, but dignified swan song awaits our great hero.

10. MO - let him go out healthy. But we would be better off trading him for some young talent.   What, exactly, is there to save in a 75 win season?

11.  Robertson - gritty and good. Overworked to a fault by Joe.

12.   Pettitte- personally, I think he should retire and spend time with his family. There will be no point in winning 15 games and finishing 4th.  But he has earned the right.

 13.  Logan - we won't have any other lefties in the bullpen next year, either.

 Everyone else ( including Joe, Robbie, Tex, Grandy, A-Dork, and the Hank and Hal disasters can be dealt to Seattle for more broken down, alcoholic drivel.  Let me just say this, too;  you will not want Pineda back either.  There are too many bars in Manhattan.

 As for the free agents the fabulous front office signs next year:
 they will all be 35+, former stars who can't play anymore and don't really care. The money and the groupies are just enough to keep them around.

We need to sign 24 year olds not 37 year olds.


John M said...

Aside from the fact that I think Tex is still good and that Cano needs a whack upside the head but will be fine if he gets it, I find myself in shocking and complete agreement with this entire post.

Oh, and Mo should be allowed to retire as a Yankee. No trade there.

Still, these are mere quibbles. The more I agree with you, the more I realize what an astute baseball mind you possess.

I'm Bill White said...

Reading this bears witness to a new set of rules. The Ujuj Rules.