Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This we know: Phil Hughes must pitch the game of his life

Fess up. We all still think there's still a chance.

We won't admit it to outsiders. Publicly, we're done. But in our hearts, we bought into the myth long ago. That's why we're Yankee fans. We believe in magic. Check that: We don't believe. We know. 

Actually, this dual-mentality is sad. It means living a lie. It means cowardly telling others that it's over, while privately thinking it isn't.

Well, folks... let's paraphrase Yogi... and talk some truth:  

It is not over until it is over. 

This team played through some ridiculously bad stretches in 2012.

Remember Cano in August, after Melky was booted, so lackluster that people wondered if he were in withdrawal himself? Remember when CC couldn't hold a lead?  When Ichiro arrived and gave reason to understand why Seattle dumped him? I remember an April game when Joe Buck and Tim McCarver opined that Teixiera was done.  Swish and Grandy have tanked before. And Russell Martin - what a disastrous spring.

Well, it's simple: Tonight, Phil Hughes must pitch the game of his life. And somebody has to get lucky, for a change. Listen: I'm only talking to the faithful here.  I will delete this post later and claim it never happened: But dammit, we can still win this.


The Sayonara Kid said...

"You can depend on the worst always happening. You need a busload of faith to get by."

Anonymous said...


Alphonso said...

We could have won if:

1. Hughes did not break down, injured
2. Cano could hit
3. A-rod could hit
4. Brandy could hit
5. Swisher could hit
6. Martin stayed healthy and could hit
7. Phelps could pitch
8. Gardy could get on base
9. Pineda could pitch
10. Nunez could catch and throw

See where I'm headed here?