Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter to the Editor: "I have always been a Yankees fan..."

The Times of Trenton (New Jersey)
October 21, 2012 Sunday 

Dear Editor:

I have always been a Yankees fan. The antics of the owners, the late father, George Steinbrenner, and now his sons, always amazed me with their lack of class.
The current A-Rod situation ("A-Rod epoch ending ugly," Oct. 18) is a perfect example. Selecting him as the reason for their current failure is nonsense. They know, and we all do, that they made a bad deal on the man's salary and now they want to wiggle out of the deal by dragging him through the mud.

They did the same with Derek Jeter last year, and he fooled them by his superb performance this season.

Come on, boys, grow up and show some class.
Tim Eames

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