Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Swan Song

It is time to bring an end to the suffering and the illusions that so many of us have held since things began to fall apart in spring training.

The false hopes that emerged as the Yankees again led the majors in home runs.  Derek hitting well over .300 at age 37, and collecting 200+ hits.  Carrying the team for months.

The Pineda disaster.  The total failure of the "three B's."  Mo's torn acl at age 40.  Brett Gardener's early exit.  Joba off the trampoline. Andruw staying a year too long, maybe two.

Robbie Cano being the best pure hitter in baseball, and as slick a second baseman as we'll ever see.

Swisher a constant cheerleader and favorite of the bleacher creachers.

Tex, the best fielding first baseman since Donny Baseball, and a guy who made outs from bad throws from third and short.

Granderson, a fleet center fielder with power, who last year overcame a known inability to hit against lefties.

And the 600 homer, hall-of-fame bound menace manning our clean-up spot.

The depth provided by the second best Yankee this year ( behind the Captain ), Raul Ibanez.

The surprising emergence of no one from our minor league system.

And, finally, our only playoff threat, a crumb tossed to us by the laughing Mariners, in the form of Ichiro.

So it comes down to the last day.  The last game.  What must we do?

Put all the regulars back where they belong.  We can't put Derek back, of course, so let Nunez play.

Have this be their "swan song" game.

Have it end with grace and dignity.


John M said...

Nobody has said anything about Dickerson. Girardi must hate the guy...he even pinch hits for him when he's having the best day of anyone on the team.

Naturally, Genius Joe left him off the postseason roster. After the sputtering offense against Baltimore, you wouldn't want to add a guy who is so hungry for a shot at the big time he'd sleep with Suzyn for the entire 2013 season. Every night. No let up.

But like Genius Joe Torre taught him, ya gotta go with those veterans, no matter how badly they're playing at any time. Especially in the postseason. How else you gonna lose?

Yeah, I'm pretty annoyed.

joe de pastry said...

The Red Sux did it in 2004. We could do it, too. Play the regulars. Give them a long shot at making history. Never give up. It ain't over yet. If you go down, go down fighting, not whimpering.

Alphonso said...

I agree about Dickerson. I think Joe plays it too safe by playing everyone who makes $15 million a year or more.

Dickerson is much better now than swisher.

But it is too late

The Sayonara Kid said...

"When you spit into the wind it comes back at you twice as hard."

John M said...

Alphonso, that is the conundrum of large Yankee spending (may it rest in peace). From the 80s forward, it seemed like managers were 'encouraged' to play the guys who make the most money, regardless of performance. This has blocked who knows how many younger players from learning and also showing what they could really do at the major league level.

So like most other champions of the modern era, we do buy our titles. But nobody mentions the downside (well, certainly not the haters) and its continuing effect on the organization. It ain't all roses and champagne.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Joe Girardi has a binder full of women? If so, can they play better than the current roster?

Alphonso said...

Joe is one of the few Yankees unlikely to have a binder full of women. I'm not even certain he is a republican.