Saturday, October 27, 2012

In the last line of today's A-Rod story, the NY Post lays out its agenda for 2013

In '13, our No. 13 had better hit, or he'll face an axe-wielding Rupert Murdoch in a hockey mask, according to today's Bigfoot Sightings Roundup.

The Post story says in Game One of the Detroit meltdown, Joe Girardi called the press box to forestall the announcement that he was pinching hit for Alex,  so the slugger wouldn't have to endure the embarrassment that others do.

Good story. No problem with it. But I hope A-Rod reads and memorizes the last line:

If Rodriguez is unable to find his swing and power again, no amount of phone calls will be able to protect him.

Yes. Hit, Yankee, or the Swift Boats will be advancing. You thought that story about handing the autographed ball to the bikini model in row six was "laughable?" Wait until they have you siring Chelsea Clinton's love child. 

Hit, Yankee, or you'll end up on Murdoch's shitlist, above Barack Obama, Madonna and the entire Muslim religion. 

Hit, Yankee, or the NY Post is coming for you!

Ahh, why would anybody want to root for another team?

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