Saturday, October 20, 2012

Earliest Prediction of the 2013 Season

Last night, I had 4 manhattans and a brain flash:

The 2013 Yankees, despite all the "fluff and flutter' we shall hear during the next several months, will remain substantially the same team as we had this year.

Likely, the average age will be higher by a tick or two.

Sure, someone in uniform and someone wearing a tie will be sacrificed to the unemployment line.  But the core of the team won't change, and will be a year older and a step slower.

As Duque points out, there is " dick" in the minor league system for the Yankees.  If anyone should be fired, it is the group of fools responsible for talent evaluations and talent development.  I could do the job better from my home.  

What does it take to fail at every level and with every decision?

Who can name me a draft pick of the Yankees in the last 5 years who is showing/having impact for the Yankees?

The chances of this team having a young star next season is less than the odds of winning the lottery.

We'll have Alex, Granderson ( maybe with glasses ), Derek, MO, Andy, Ichiro, Kuroda  possibly Ibanez....blah, blah, blah.  There will be some 34-36 year old replacement for Swisher, but if you expect to see a group of fast, hungry, talented youngsters, dream on and move to France,

The rhetoric all winter will be about our great pitching staff, although our best performer in
2012 ( Soriano ) will likely be in Boston.  Then MO gets hurt again and.....well, you know the trend.

So prepare yourself for another round with, essentially, the same old, failing crowd.

 Only, this time, we don't get past Baltimore.


Anonymous said...

you guys should let the mustang go for his bad juju rivalometer. bring back whitey fraud

Alphonso said...

We love Whitey Fraud, and relish his postings

Mustang is simply big horse we have to keep riding.

He still has great upside, and remains an eager learner.

He is like our Nunez: he can't catch or throw, but he's the youngest guy on the bus.

MUSTANG! said...

he's the youngest guy on the bus.

I'm 58.

Which makes us as young as the Yankees.