Monday, October 29, 2012

Have you looked closely who built the SF Giants? It just happens to be the Yankees in exile

Thank God we didn't have to play the Giants. It would have taken them two games to sweep us in four. We wouldn't have gotten a hit - not one - and the Giants would still be batting in game two. The lead would be something like 104 to 0, and Nick Swisher would be pitching for us. Girardi would still be keeping A-Rod on the bench - resting him for the critical moment - and our best hope would be the hurricane.

How did they build such a team without spending $400 million on payroll? Because that's what it would take us.

Keep in mind that Brian Sabean, the general manager who built the Giants, is a former Yankee administrator. He's the Brian that couldn't handle working for maniacal old King George. We kept the Brian that maniacal old King George preferred. Hmm.

And holy crap! look who else is up there in their baseball operations: Dirt Tidrow is the vice president of player personnel. Along with Felipe Alou, a special assistant, and guess who is the director of player development? Go ahead, guess. How about Fred Stanely. That's right. Old Chicken Stanley. I'm not making this up. Chicken and Dirt.

And - OMG - guess who is the senior adviser  of scouting. Joe Lefebvre! Remember him? The next Mickey. And, of course, the pitching coach is a fellow we know well - Mr. Righetti.

Meanwhile, we turn our organization over to Dopey Dildox, up from the Dayton Doinks, the drafter of Brackmans and traders of Jesus. For $200 million we're not in their league. And all this -- after they jettisoned Melky. Ouch.

Oh well, at least we know all our front office personnel will return next year. And we didn't have to get swept in two.


Anonymous said...

And their hitting coach is Bam Bam Meulens.

Anonymous said...

And their hitting coach is Bam Bam Meulens.