Friday, October 19, 2012

"Watching the Yankees Make Outs"

Roger Angell:

Here’s what we saw around home plate, starting in late September: Curtis Granderson spins to the right, drops his head, and becomes suddenly smaller as he turns toward the dugout. Nick Swisher makes a little backward lean as an inside fastball goes by, throws up his head as the ump punches him out, then smiles knowingly as he heads back to the bench. Robbie Cano, grounding out to second once again, maintains unconcern or maybe disconcern as he slants off toward foul ground after the out: he’s an evening dog-walker out there, in no hurry to get home. A-Rod, popping up, takes a backward step, bumps the upper part of his bat with his fist—bad bat—turns left and lifts his chin on departure, as if he were counting the house. We Yankee fans know all this by heart; watching the Yankees make outs is what we’re really good at now.
The New Yorker 

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