Wednesday, October 10, 2012



John M said...

Raul is god. I can't believe I'm saying that, but he is.

manx said...


Anonymous said...

Can we vote for Yankees October Player of the Month right now?

manx said...

Sterling at his best.

Grasshopper said...

Raul so cool!
Yes, and what a great moment. BUT!?!? This raises an existential question about juju and its use. Now that the Yankees -- and by extension, we -- have had this great moment, this duall Mystique and Aura orgasm, nearly as great as if Byung-Hyun Kim himself had served up side-arm gopher balls, are we sated? Have we had enough? Do we deserve more? On a personal level, I know the answer: As fans, we always want more until there's a giant dog pile of cleats tumbling over pinstripes on the infield grass. But what say the Juju Gods? I am just an apprentice here, like a child at the Passover seder asking why this night is different from other nights.I do not pretend to be expert in the dark arts of juju (although I do believe my incessant and loud swearing may have wormed its way into the cosmos and somehow influenced Girardi to pinch-hit for A-Rod -- but perhaps I am flattering myself. Regardless of whether my behavior had an impact on the manager's decision, my family certainly left the room.) Are there tides of juju? Does it slosh around like the ocean, going from one side of the bathtub to the other? Or maybe there is a quota and one fan group cannot exceed its allotment; the Yankees obviously enjoyed a double dose last night so, since that was not a series-clinching game, are the Orioles now due a double helping? Or is this one of those moments when deep down inside you just know you are going to win. Like last night, once the game was tied up so improbably in the 9th, the Birds were cooked like the chicken I left on the grill too long, all dried up and waiting to be tossed in the can. Oh, I hope that's the case, but I now ask for juju guidance, a ruling if you will, on whether we have overextended our juju credit line and would that mean that the repo man is coming.

el duque said...

It might be what the Mayans predicted long ago. The world may have ended last night, with a new era begun.

Or we might lose the next two, in which case it's just another Shelley Duncan moment.

But the juju gods obviously were affected by Arod being benched. I bet none of them ever expected to see it happen. The juju god on duty must have been overwhelmed, and he - or she - just pushed some buttons. This doesn't happen every day.

Maybe we'll find a Yankee Stadium sex tape emerges in the next few days, and it will have been done in the ninth inning of game three. That would explain everything.

But we were at our posts. We were each doing what we could. Big Yankee victories don't just happen by themselves.