Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Either Girardi is channeling Bobby V, or he has gone stark raving mad

Tonight's lineup - perhaps the last lineup of the modern, dominant era of the Yankees - has been submitted.  It's incredible.

In 24 hours, Nick Swisher has gone from a benched afterthought to batting second in the order.

A-Rod, whose last at bat the other night was his best in the series, is still on the bench.  He may never see another at bat as a Yankee. His replacement, Eric Chavez, has yet to get a base hit in this series. And Chavez's fielding last night led to a Tiger run.  We lost by a Tiger run.

Brett Gardner, who in terms of playing time is still in early spring training, has replaced Granderson. Gardner didn't get a hit last night.

This is a full-scale, headless-chicken, DefCon 4, "Mo!Larry!Cheese!" panic.

I don't know what's happening at the micro level. But from here, it looks like Girardi has gone off the rails.


John M said...

Chris Dickerson Newman says:

Joe don't like me. I don’t know why. I may not be perfect, but heaven knows I try. But all around, my old pal Joey puts me down.

Let’s drop the big one and see what happens.

I give him homers, and is he grateful? No, he’s spiteful and he’s hateful. He don’t respect me, so let’s surprise him.

Let’s drop the big one, and pulverize him.

The roster’s too crowded. A-Rod’s too old. Little Chrissy D is hot, and Grandy is so cold. And Chris D. Stewart, he stole my name.

Let’s drop the big one, they’ll be no one left to blame us.

We’ll save Suzuki. Don’t want to hurt that buckeroo. He likes American baseball parks, yeah? Might dig surfing, too.

And boom goes Swisher. And boom Andruw. More room for me and for Dante, too.

And every kiddie the whole world round will just be lovin’ old Yankee town.

Oh, how peaceful it will be. We’ll give beer away for free.

You’ll wear a Ichiro kimono, babe, there’ll be black Nike shoes for me.

Girardi hates me anyhow.

So let’s drop the big one now.

Let’s drop the big one now.

Yeah, I put it in the comments on NoMaas first, but they don't recognize good music over there.

Iggy said...

Ca$hmoney has been plugging in the line-ups since Game 4 of the ALDS. Joe's a players manager; he would continue to put A-Rod in there even if he went 0-5 with 5 double plays.

joe de pastry said...

Dickerson, you ain't on the ALCS roster, so you can't play.