Thursday, February 7, 2013

A-Rod vs. the Curse: Alex Rodriguez his voted January IT IS HIGH Yankee Employee of the Month

Congratulations, Alex.

You can drop by and pick up your IT IS HIGH Employee of the Month parking pass at any time. Also, we found some deer antlers in the garage. They're yours if you want them.

Also, we should note that the voters elected Russ Canzler as First Runner-Up. If for some reason, the reigning Yankee Employee of the Month cannot complete his or her term, the First Runner-Up will be called upon to take over the duties! Congratulations, Can-Man!

1 comment:

Alphonso said...

This is a perfect metaphor for the Yankees. A non playing, superstar possibly defaulting on this award to an overweight, "never was" role player .

I do not look forward to watching Jeter trying his
hardest ( which he always will ) for a team that is 22 games out of the last wild card in August.