Monday, February 18, 2013

Current high bid on Schilling's "bloody" sock: $32,000

Note: This is NOT the sock Schilling wore to beat the Yankees.

"In truth, there were two Bloody Socks, but only one survives today, the ALCS specimen unceremoniously discarded in a Yankee Stadium dumpster after Schilling's seven innings of one-run brilliance forced a decisive Game Seven. Here we present the World Series Game Two model, consigned to this auction by Mr. Schilling himself after the sock's retrieval from a Baseball Hall of Fame display."

The guy called Cooperstown to get it back, so he can pay off his debts.


Judas Iscariot said...

I bid 30 silver denari.

Satan said...

Nice try, Iscariot. But I gave him 50 silver denari. And Schilling promised to triple it in 72 hours. Then he skipped town. Anybody got his phone number? I can't get through to talk radio.