Friday, February 1, 2013

Dept of Why Bother? The worst Brian Cashman interview ever

ESPN's Sportsnation hosted Brian Cashman for a 60-minute "chat" today. You - the general public - were invited to ask The Man Who Traded Jesus anything.

Something tells me there was a screener involved.

Amazingly, nobody asked how he looks so good, and whether he's lost weight. Some of the questions.

"How long can you put up with all the aggravation of being in the pressure cooker that is New York?"

"What was the most fulfilling moment in your tenure with the New York Yankees?"

"Hello Mr. Cashman! I'm a diehard Red Sox, but have always had high respect for you and how you run the Yankees, which can't be an easy job. My question to you is how difficult it is to maintain a good relationship with everyone like the owners, manager, and players when you're so busy?"

"Is it true that as a GM, your phone rings off the hook"

"If you didn't have a job in baseball, what would be doing?"

"Are you satisfied with your accomplishments in your tenure with the Yankees?"

"Where's a good place to start if one's goal were to become GM of a sports team?"

"Brian -- what motivates you after all of the success you have already had?"

The answers weren't much better. This is why the world needed Deadspin.


Alphonso said...

A censor? I think Jesus was in the room with a large toad.

Why didn't they ask; " if you were to come back as an animal, what animal would you choose?"

More than a waste of time. But we signed another old white guy, right?

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Cashman, what is it about Yankee fans that you hate the most?"

"Brian, what's it like to be blackmailed by someone with whom you have been having illicit sex? And is it more fun when caught on camera?"

"Mr. Cashman, what are the 50 worst trades you have made?"

"Brian, I'm recently divorced. May I have your ex-wife's phone number?"

Now, do you feel a little better, gang?