Monday, February 11, 2013

Grandy, a long term contract? You gotta be kidding me.

Today's fodder from the "When Hell freezes over" file: Curtis Granderson says he'd like a long-term Yankee contract. Yeah, and I'd like a date with Beyonce.

That's Curtis Granderson, who struck out 195 times last year en route to a .232 batting average that plunged off a cliff around June 15.

That's Curtis Granderson who became a HR-or-K hitter - negating the foot-speed that had been so much of his game.

That's Curtis Granderson, whose change in style two years ago seemingly saved him from being a platoon hitter, a guy who couldn't touch lefties with a tennis racket, and who suddenly regressed.

That's Curtis Granderson, who in the post-season last year struck out 7 times in 11 at bats.

He'll be 32 this year. Do we want him at 36?

Listen: The Grandyman is a prince of a guy, arguably the greatest humanitarian on the Yankees. He's smart, he's got a future in broadcasting or whatever he wants. I would be happy to have him a YES broadcaster. But 195 times last year, I cursed his putrid name. I'm sorry. One of the few benefits of payroll austerity is going to be saying no to 200 strike outs a year. And if he bounces back? Well, we've already seen him bounce back once. We know what happens eventually. He's a recidivist.


John M said...

The Grandyman can't.

Austin Jackson said...

See you in 2015. Bring lotsa money.

live scores said...

That stunned moment when you realize the MLB leader in home runs since 2011 is...........Curtis Granderson