Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Worse than we thought: Hughes has a bulging disc

When Phil Hughes reported back pain the other day, the Yankiverse hope was that Santa would bring us a minor muscle tweak. No problemo, minor muscle tweaks. You cure them by drinking a 12-pack of Keystone in a hot tub. Muscle tweaks fade away. Phil could go on Craig's List Tampa and find himself a nice $50 back rub. Just as long as it wasn't a disc...

Well, it's a disc. A bulging disc. Which means hasta lumbago. It's what they call a bad back. And Phil Phranchise is about to learn that your entire life changes, when you have a bad back.

Twelve years ago, I had a bulging disc. I was down for eight weeks. Listen: I am not Hughes. My bulges are not his bulges. The Yankee Dark Tower claims he'll miss two weeks. Good luck with that. If he misses just two weeks, we should consider not changing our underwear, but we will be very very lucky.

Obviously, nobody but Hughes knows how bad his back hurts. But bulging discs often stem from long-term deterioration. That makes them life-changers. A guy has to learn a new way to sit, a new way to sleep, and a ton of new daily exercises. Even then, it just has to stop bulging on its own.

Austin Romine missed practically all of last season with a bad back. He now says it's healed. If he's diligent with workouts, he'll be OK.

It sounds like Phil Hughes is just starting his journey.

If so, David Phelps just became our fourth starter.

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Alphonso said...

He will be, until he gets hurt.