Friday, February 22, 2013

The Yankees are the official "Evil Empire"(TM) of Major League Baseball

From Was Watching,  which originally linked it from law360: (This stuff gets complicated.)

The New York Yankees hold the rights to the phrase "Evil Empire," the nickname used by their detractors, and can prevent another company from registering the name as a trademark, a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office panel ruled recently.

In a Feb. 8 decision, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board held that Evil Enterprises Inc. couldn't register a trademark on the phrase "Baseball's Evil Empire" for use on apparel featuring the Yankees logo adorned with a devil and pitchfork .

Thus, you cannot associate the Yankees with "Evil Empire," unless you pay them money.

I do, though, like the name of the company: "Evil Enterprises Inc." I always thought that when I started my evildoer business, that would be the name. Damn. Somebody beat me to it.

I wonder what other trademark names the Yankees secretly have. Some possibilities:

Lost Colony of Roanoke.
Apple Dumpling Gang.
Loco Surf Riders from Hell.
The Shutouts.


Vladmir Putin said...

No, this cannot possibly be so. Stalin said he did the paperwork and sent it in.

John M said...

I wonder which pronunciation they trademarked. Is it the standard English 'Evil Empire', or the classy French 'Evil Ahm-peer'?

Might be a loophole there.

Maybe they should try to trademark 'Atlanta Braves.' You know, the team that always won the division and then folded in the playoffs or Series.

Granderson has done the forms for 'The Whiffer.' Expect Swiffer to fight that one. Surprised Swisher never fought Swiffer, kind of close. On the other hand, Swiffer is a cleaning product and Nick isn't big on cleaning, especially when it comes to the bases with men on.

Robbie C should trademark a name for a line of boats. 'Cano Canoes' would be killer.

Kevin Youkilis, Yankee 3B said...

Ah HA HA HA! The Yankees sign ME and thus it is official. They are legally the "Evil Empire" with Youkilis, Son of Satan, at 3rd. I know a medical lab in Miami that can implant devil horns in your scalp. Headed there this weekend! Embrace EVIL fully now, Yankees. Trade Cano for Pedroia, the Lap Dog of Beelzebub.

el duque said...

The Beatles.

They should trademark the name "The Beatles."