Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rivera, Pettitte, undecided about whether they'll trash Yankee ownership payroll goals and play in 2014

Today, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera announced to a gaggle of Gammonites - separately - that neither has decided whether he'll play in 2014.

You know how every now and then a public figure says something that makes a lot of sense? Well, that's how Andy and Mariano were today. It seems a little to early to be talking about 2014, but maybe that's just me. Next year, Mariano would be 44, and Andy, 41. They're practically old enough for the Early Bird at Denny's, that is, if they're not restricted to creamed corn.

And amid the anticipation of Mariano and Andy's looming life decision, you have to wonder what Yankee owners Hal and Hank Steinbrenner were thinking. Because if Mariano has a great season in 2013 and then decides to come back next year, that's a $15 million contract that has to be renewed. And if Andy does well this year, well, make it a full $28 million jolt to the 2014 payroll - the one the Steins have ruled must fall within $189 million.

In other words, the richest owners in baseball - the ones who promise to challenge for a pennant every year - will basically be hoping that Mariano and Andy have just enough of a crappy season to want to hang it up. We're like the team in the movie "Major League," which the owner secretly wants to lose. If we win, we can't afford it.

And some folks wonder why the Yankiverse so dreads the depressing state of affairs heading into this season?


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John Sterling said...

Let's see if I understand you, "Anonymous". If Rivera & Pettite retire, then the dough the Yankees will have to fork out won't get stuck to the personnel budget? I still don't understand how either pitcher would play for coupons and thus "stick to the pan" for the 2014 season. Maybe you ought to employ more direct language and avoid the metaphors.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

Don't forget that 2014 is also Jeter's option year. We'd better hope that ankle doesn't heal properly.

Tex Message said...

Does anyone else find it charming that this is Youk's message to Yankee fans?