Thursday, February 7, 2013

Curt Schilling says the Redsocks wanted him to juice

Well, you never know...

Curt Schilling opened up on the Church of Fenway yesterday, telling a radio show that 2008, when his arm was turning into sauerkraut, some unnamed Redsock officials suggested he get a shot in the caboose from the Fountain of Youth.

So I guess it's not just Yankees.

And it's not just players.

And who knows, maybe it's not just isolated private trainers.

Listen: I dunno what we do about performance enhancing drugs in baseball. I really don't. But we've played whack-a-mole for 20 years, and we're getting nowhere. They just find new drugs, new masking agents, new methods. We can go 20 years whacking the moles. It won't work.

I just wish every ex-major leaguer who ever used PEDs or tried PEDs would come forward and tell everything, regardless of the personal consequences. Right now, with these media Cotton Mathers so full of moral indignation, I don't see that happening. If America could get a realistic appraisal of the use of PEDs in pro and amateur sports, maybe we could winnowing out the drugs that kill or debilitate athletes prematurely. If we could target them - maybe the less harmful ones could be administered with league supervision. (Sort of like what Colorado and Washington plan to do with pot, I guess.) Right now, this isn't working.


KD said...

for me, the most objectionable thing with all this juicing is the assault on the record books. no fair comparing these lugs to our boyhood heroes. or even my father's heroes, for that matter. i like the Juicing Hall of Fame idea.

Anonymous said...

The Incorruptable Curt Schilling. Future Governor of Massachusetts and would-be Ponzi scheme mastermind.

Curt Schilling said...

And Terry Francona kept pestering me about swapping wives some weekend. I said, "Tito, your wife is so ugly she could scare a hungry dog away from a meat truck", but Francona just kept telling me that wife-swapping was the best way to build cohesion on a ballclub. Pedroia actually took him up on it and ended up making a sex-tape. That's what we used to watch on the VCR when drinking beer in the clubhouse.