Sunday, February 24, 2013

Season of Doom: The Grandy Man can't... play until May

In the first inning today, the one guy we didn't expect to lose from injuries this year went down with a broken wrist.

Curtis Granderson... out for 10 weeks.


And so it begins...

 P.S. The announcers keep going on about how we just lost a 40-home run player. Well, we also lost a .230 hitter and a 200-strikeout-per-season bat.  Not trying to be mean. Just sayin'...


Nick Swisher said...

Hey, everybody. Sitting here, having a beer with Michael Bourn. Just wondered how things are in Tampa. Do you miss me? Best Regards, Swishalicious

manx said...

Curtis, you're something sort of injured! The Grandyman can't. Ohhhhhh the Grandyman can't.

Alex Rodriguez said...

Hey, Grandy, I share your pain, amigo. Listen, let's make the best of this. I'll send round the SUV Cadillac Limo to pick you up and we can get a meal at a seafood place in South Beach. Got a little chiquita I'd like you to meet, to keep you occupied for 10 weeks. Sort of the "A-Rod Rehab Plan", and I don't even need a clinic!

Bye Bye Balboni said...

The defining moment of the game, for me, was the interview with Girardi, when the crack YES broadcasting team asked him how he thought losing 100 or so home runs' worth of power over the off-season (this even before Grandy's diagnosis) would affect their offense.

"Well... we're a faster club."

In other words, we're screwed.

You remember the last time the Yankees played up their speed? 1982. The year of Dave Collins and Jerry Mumphrey, not to mention a young Steve Balboni. 5th place. 79-83 record. And, ironically, only 69 stolen bases the whole year, good for ninth in the AL.

Of course, 1982 was also the beginning of a decade and a half long championship drought -- the second, and to date the last, extended fallow period for the Bronx Bombers since 1920.

Well, if you became a Yankees fan after 1995, get ready to know the pain of following a mediocre team. And look at the bright side -- the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry will continue. We'll just be battling each other for fourth place now.

Tracy Stallard's Dreams of 60 said...

Curtis is out ten weeks (they say; how they'd know that I have yet to figure out), which means April, basically. Spot the other team half a dozen homers and 35 K's, and wait for him to get back...somebody'll take up the slack until May, and in the meantime we can all have fun talking about Tex hitting .178 until CG gets back...unless Tex hits .378, in which case we can talk about that.