Thursday, February 14, 2013

What SU coach Jim Boeheim should have said last night, as opposed to what he did

Last night, after losing to Connecticut, SU basketball coach Jim Boeheim offered one of the mournful, moping moments in an illustrious career of post-game meltdowns. He attacked an ESPN reporter for not being "loyal," whatever that means, and then just sounded like a sad old galump, beaten not only by U-Conn, but by the changes in college basketball that ended,  for now, a great rivalry. It hurt to watch.

Boeheim is a great coach but a damn lousy speech-maker. He needs a writer. Since I am currently unemployed, I’m offering my services. 

This is what he should have said last night after the final loss to U-Conn:

Well, folks, they got us. They got us good. But if anybody thinks the SU-Connecticut rivalry ended tonight, let me assure that they are wrong. You can’t kill something with this much life. You cannot end a relationship that had this much emotion. life. There will be another battle, another contest, and I am here to tell you there will be another outcome. It didn’t end here, no sir, it does not. But they got us. Oh, they got us good.

So let me now shed the trappings of an old coach and speak not to the media but directly to my great former rivals. To the people of U-Conn, I say “Thank you.” I want to thank you for every beating on court you ever administered, for every cruel taunt your crowd ever shouted, and for every boo and hiss that came my way. I say this because I know it came from the heart, from a great rival, from an opponent that was always far more than just "the other guy." 

Batman needed the Joker. Superman needed Luthor. Syracuse needed great rivals, and we had none greater than you. To the day I die, I will savor every victory over Connecticut and feel the sting of defeat, because that is what coaches do, and that is what life is all about. But when someone mentions Connecticut, I will always feel a warmth in my heart, knowing an opponent who always brought everything it had to the game, and which demanded no less from us. It was an honor playing you. It was a privilege. I thank you.

And, well, you got us tonight. You got us good. Have a toast on me. But remember: It’s not over. An affair like this, it goes away. Until next time, whenever it comes, thanks for the ride.

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Noah Miller said...

Hahaha .. I think.. Yes, he is going to need a writer. He has zero in conduct .. And speaking.. zero, too.