Thursday, February 7, 2013

Youkilis looks 10 years younger without his beard

Also, the hat has something to do with it.

And the shoulders-up camera shot.

And the lack of a scoreboard showing his batting average.

And his shoes. You can always tell a man's age by his shoes.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you know what Youk looks like? That smart-ass in Junior High School who always tried to pick a fight with you. He had nothing going in his life, so he's terrorizing everybody smaller than he. If you ever had your ass snapped with a towel while showering after PE, Youk was the guy who did it. And he did it with this wicked little cackle as he watched other human beings in pain. Cannot wait to see this guy in pinstripes. The uniform will make no difference. A punk's a punk. Smoke him, Joba. Invite him to jump on the trampoline with your kids.

Tracy Stallard's Dreams of 60 said...

He's wearing a white t-shirt under an orange button up shirt, and leaves the buttons unbuttoned by choice. I have to assume he likes the look.

He's wearing a hat bearing the name of a company known primarily for selling balls. The hat seems to fit him well.

Oh, well...maybe I've got him all wrong. Sure, Joba tried to plant the guy a bunch of times, but he's all shaved-up nice and pretty now, and surely seems to be doing and SAYING all the right things, doesn't he?

I hope some 55-pound 7-year-old girl spin-kicks him into oblivion before the season starts; if it happens I hope she gets voted a full Series share.

I'll leave it at that.