Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Payroll-Pinching Yanks Get What They Paid For


SanJoseKid said...

If ownership is not going to take the season seriously, then let's have some Yankee fun. (1) Let Jeter play all 9 positions in a 9 inning game, saving the pitcher's position for the last inning; (2) initiate the DF, the Designated Fan- pull a true blue Yankee fan out of the stands and let him/her fulfill their wildest dreams by playing any position they choose for one inning; (3) develop some healthy rivalries-- for one week let outfielders pitch and have the pitchers play in the outfield; (4) "Disco Demolition Night" in the Bronx; (5) Old-Timers Day For Real- sign up some oldies but goldies for a regulation game- Lou Piniella, Reggie Jackson, even Ed Whitson! Who will propose these ideas to the Steinbrothers? Let them know the seats will be filled.

Whit Less said...

More of these kind of posts to come in spring training. Mustang has a ready made topic.