Super Poll: Which is the better management team?

Monday, February 25, 2013



John Sterling said...

To be fair, Mustang, both Russ Canzler and Chris Dickerson swung the bat well.

I'm Bill White said...

Is Grapefruit League still an acceptable name now that we know the risks of consuming grapefruit while you take cholesterol medicine? I'd set up a poll question if I weren't so sad. I plan on being a lot more into these types of questions this year. Thank you.

Kevin Youkilis 3B said...

Aaaghuuhh, this left oblique is killing me. I'm not the young man I once was. Is Russ Canzler still on the roster? Maybe he could fill in for a couple of days. Brandon Laird, where's he been this spring? Could you give me a couple of days in Miami with A-Rod? He's got a clinic there. We call him "Dr. Feelgood".