Saturday, May 10, 2014

A-Rod was such an ideal Yankee employee that he extended the team ban on facial hair to his entire body

I know what Tim McCarver would say: This is just the kind of off-the-field controversy that baseball doesn't need.

At his home in Miami, A-Rod probably owns a walk-in vat of Nair.

A guy that dedicated to team policies would make a great captain.


KD said...

In as much as I know, the only guys that've done that (shave off all hair) are competitive swimmers or professionals hoping to avoid detection during a job-related illegal drug screen.

Ever hear of A-Rod logging serious pool hours? Didn't think so.

JM said...

Actually, when Giambi joined the team, there was a big article about him in some mag or other. The keeper from that was that he shaved his entire freaking body. Arms and legs? Big deal.


No swimming at all involved, according to the piece.

Anonymous said...

FYI, they take a nail if they can't get hair during a drug test.