Friday, May 23, 2014

Scoring Two Runs

Anyone betting the " over " or the " under" on Yankee games knows that scoring two runs is often the best this team can muster.  Mostly this season, therefore, those of us who consider ourselves, " players," are getting our asses kicked betting that the Yanks will score more than 2.

Might as well just throw the money away if we face a decent pitcher.

Sure, once in a while, we get lucky and put up a bunch.  But not often.

We are lingering a game or so over .500, which will win exactly nothing, come September/October.

Our big bats are failing.  Former clutch hitters are groundouts now, or pop ups.  Except for Soriano, who K's.

We don't have the pitching to win 2-1 or ( God forbid ) 2-0.

See you at 2 o'clock.


KD said...

As the Master teaches us, you can't predict baseball. so why bet on it?

John M said...

I'd comment but according to some guy in the comments I'm witless.

Alphonso said...

It is the only way to pay the bills.

John M said...

Semi- humorously masked outrage can be a goldmine, too.