Thursday, May 15, 2014

One of CC Sabathia's knees is a degenerate

It's always painful when a good leg turns bad. Sometimes, it doesn't even matter that a knee was raised in a loving, caring appendage. It grows up smarting, bent in its own direction, drawn to the edge, refusing to conform or go along with the other knee.

Joe Namath had a degenerative knee. Of course, nobody was surprised. Imagine the things that knee experienced growing up. It was destined to choose a painful course.

Yesterday, doctors said one of Sabathia's knees has turned bad. They didn't identify the knee by name, but everybody knows which one. It's the push-off knee, the knee that thinks all rules of exercise and judgement don't apply to it.

The Yankees and the Sabathia leg hope that therapy and counseling will help. If it doesn't, they will consider injections - maybe even surgery.

Today, let's keep CC's knee, leg and its twin brother in our thoughts and prayers. It's a long, desperate road, when a knee thinks it's an elbow. Let's hope the knee gets the message: If it keeps choosing the wrong direction, it will find itself confined to a hard, dark cast... for a long, long time. Then we'll see if it still refuses to kneel.


John M said...

I know it's a lot different for a pitcher, but watching Mick hobble around the bases after he hit number 500, you have to think--some guys have knee injuries, and some guys have knee injuries. They just don't respond the same way.

You can look it up.

ceeja said...

Time for Sabathia to learn to throw the knuckleball.

KD said...

LOL!! what an awesome post. Thank you!