Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nick Cafardo unloads on Redsocks: "We do not recognize this team anymore."

"With Friday’s 1-0 walkoff loss to Tampa Bay, the Red Sox have scored 16 runs during this eight-game losing streak. The Rays have been worse than the Red Sox, but at least they’ve got an excuse — three starting pitchers out of action, along with heart-and-soul player Ben Zobrist. The 20-27 Red Sox have been dreadful, pathetic . . . any derogatory adjective you want. They deserve it."

Ah, the joys of spring. Be still my beating heart. 


Alphonso said...

However; when they next play the Yankees, we
will , " make them well again."

At the core, they are still better than us.

Cashman must go !!

Anonymous said...

Why does it seem like every game Nuno starts goes into extra innings?

John M said...

Hey, they won, I'll take it.