Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I can't work under these conditions!

Yankees Sales Department: If you expect me to watch this team while working my JuJu full-force, you have to meet me half way. How can my JuJu possibly overcome the dark forces unleashed by ditching our classic, traditional cap and donning this abomination?

Yes, I know you make a lot of money selling Yankees gear and some fans will bite, seeing the team with a different cap. That's fine, really. I understand. But these caps cost you dearly last night.

enough is enough. It's not worth it. Throw them away!!

And, NO! I will not be buying one.

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Unsustainable BABIP said...

We turned on the game and my wife immediately said "what the hell are they wearing?" She added that the little white buttons on the top made them look like "clown hats". Which is actually kind of appropriate, no? Hal and the gang should be forced to put them on whenever they tell us that things are going in the right direction.