Wednesday, May 28, 2014

By Sunday, Cashman Must Be Escorted To The Bus Depot

The recent developments come as no surprise to any Yankee fan.

Injuries to Sabathia, Beltran, and now Texiera.  Every medical person I know, who is a baseball fan, expressed deep concern Last Year about Tex's ( or anyone's ) ability to come back and be a productive major league, regular player.  That wrist sheath thing is tricky for a senior bank executive to come back from , so he can use the cell phone properly.

And the thing of it is;  the Yankees ( Cashman ) has all its cards on those players.  We have seen the depth provided.  The " clown college" play of Kelly Johnson at first base, for exam,ple is an embarrassment.   And it isn't Kelly's fault.  He is a competent third baseman whom the Yankees converted to first base with virtually no experience there.

If you ever played this game, it is easy to know how skillful a player must be to handle that spot.  You don't just take any decent athlete and stick him there.  It is like sticking Derek Jeter on ice skates and putting him on the Rangers' third line.  Personally, I avoided catching, first base, and pitching like the plague.  Much too demanding of a special type of skill, in my view.  And I dreaded looking like an amateur, even playing in front of six bored high school girls and my teammates.

Last night, we saw Phellps on an " off day."  his one good pitch didn't work, and he got jobbed by the umpire.  The failure to call a third strike on a perfect pitch….I mean perfect….opened the floodgates as Roberts then misplayed the subsequent ground ball.

Roberts is old and can't bend over any more.  Balls hit to short are suddenly called, " base hit up the middle" by the broadcasters.  When Derek was young, you knew when the ball left the bat he would get to it, and it was an automatic out. Now, it is a seeing eye single four feet to his left.

Too much dialogue here.  But last night, the Yankees were pathetic.  Gardner keeps looking at three straight strikes which, to me, were all pitches you have to swing at.  Solarte is beginning to flail and ruin rallies, rather than cap them off with RBI's. The team had no shot last night and we ( fans ) knew early, the game was over.

Now there are calls for the storage container from Scranton to come and play first, and he isn't young.  Or the guy from A ball , who is.  Duque wants a smart deal made.  Cashman is incapable.  He'll sign another 36 year old for 7 years.  Worse, because of his contract, he'll trade young prospects, and keep playing the old guy until he rolls over on us.

Somewhere, some time, accountability must be taken.

Cashman has failed and he must go!

Sunday .  No later.

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John M said...

Tex is a loss, Beltran is just a loss of money.

Girardi's insistence on using Johnson at first is testimony to his bullet-headed obsessive nature. If we're going to have tryouts at first, put Roberts there or, better for everyone, Jeter (yeah, that'll never happen).

How about Murphy? At least get him in the game even if we have to continue with the collapsed McCann (who, very unimportantly, calls a really great game...) behind the plate.

The best we can hope for is more playing time for young guys who might actually be interesting, and less for old guys who are falling apart and dull.