Thursday, May 29, 2014

Girardi Wises Up

McCann at first until Tex is back...and if he doesn't come back, McCann should stay there. Either that or Murphy learns to play first, fast.

Last night, what ESPN called a 'makeshift' lineup was actually pretty much the perfect lineup from the roster we have. Still need to find playing time for Solarte, I don't think he's done, just cooled. Jeter would make a fine DH once we're in AL parks again.

The Master had a brilliant comment last night, saying the Yankees needed CC and Beltran and Soriano and Tex back -- when, of course, we really only need Tex back -- and capping his pronouncement with, "You can't field a team without players. You need players."

I never knew that.

There is also some chatter about how the Yankees are a team built to win by hitting home runs, which used to be true and now is certainly untrue. Somehow the chatterers think that stealing a base, getting timely hits and sacrifice flies, and actually being able to run, period, is a kind of scrappy, unseemly form of play that's both medieval and beneath the grand Yankees brand.

Well, fork them and the McCarver they rode in on.

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Anonymous said...

The best was Ellsbury stealing off Molina when the Cardinal tail kissing media kept trying to make it sound like he was infallible.