Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Le Déluge

I think and hope it was the rain.

Tanaka got whacked around last night by the Cubbies.  I could see on Tanaka's face that he didn't have his usual grit and determination.  I mean, the sky was blue, black, great and yellow all at once.

The rains were most intense when he was pitching.

 I know he has been through this before, but that spot of blue sky, mixed with the lighting bolts, the thunder and the pelting rain had to be a distraction.  Normally, he brings something extra when he is threatened by a runners on base situation.  Last night, his demeanor of domination and determination never arrived.

The slippery drops had to have impacted his grip and the movement of his pitches, causing some to hang that would normally take a dive.

If not, we are screwed.

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