Monday, May 19, 2014

Aceves Toast

I keep thinking this guy is a shut down long reliever.  Maybe an emergency starter.

He was in his first appearance of the year.

Since then, he has given up Yankee leads early in his outings, usually with a surprise home run by a surprise player.

Yesterday was the same.

I guess we can only win two against the Cubs.


ceeja said...

How many games does Girardi want Aceves to blow before he gets it? This isn't David Cone, owed a few more chances to right the ship. The Yanks found him on the scrap heap -- and that's where they should return him.

KD said...

I really thought he'd be gone by now.

John M said...

Girardi is a lot like Torre. Just keep using the guy until his arm falls off. Wasn't Aceves pitching multiple innings several days in a row? Gee, you think maybe he didn't get enough late-Spring Training time to do that kind of stuff?

Golly. I wonder if Joe G. knows about that. Somebody should tell him.