Saturday, May 31, 2014

" Batting for Texiera; Number 14….Brian Roberts…Number 14 "

In times of doom and gloom, nature sends a signal.

The family of rare, black swans gathers and asks for a player.  Demands a player.

It always means an injury, usually serious.

For sure, for a brief period, the symptoms may be masked.  Doctors will talk of, " inflammation " or " no apparent structural damage."  Another course of rest is prescribed for the ailing limb.

The DL time clock ticks on.

 Encouraging tidbits filter back;  " he took five swings with no discomfort.  We'll see if the stiffness returns in the morning.  If not, we'll move him straight to the T-ball function."

But the swans are here.

They know.

Don't we know as well?

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