Sunday, May 11, 2014

Did the Matrix just tweak and reveal that "reality" is merely an illusion?

Off Yankee topic, but if true, unbelievably important:

Yesterday, the New York football Giants drafted a running back named Andre Williams.

For the last two years, they have had a running back named Andre Brown.

How many running backs in the frickin' universe are there named Andre?

And why have they both played for the Giants?

Andre... the... Giant.

Let me repeat that:

Andre... the... Giant.

OK, settle down. Take some deep breaths. Get a grip. It's not easy, having the fundamental underpinnings of reality ripped from your soul and thrown into the laundry. But there it is, folks. Something is going on here, and it's not the latest cute kitten video on YouTube.

Are our fake-reality computer overlords sending us a coded message? And, if so, how can we use this information to help C.C. Sabathia? Keanu, are you there?


Anonymous said...

This is more confusing than when the Yankees had Abraham and Zoilo Almonte! They were born just a tad over two weeks apart to confuse things even more.

John M said...

I think you've put your finger on something. What if the real, large, fatter CC is in a pod full of amniotic liquid, being tube-fed human remains, and the replacement CC is an overlord plant...overlords who are from Boston?!?!?

Chilling. Chilling, I say.