Friday, May 30, 2014

If Tex is out for a while, here's a wild thought: Trade for a slugging Triple A first-baseman

Disney story line thought for the day:

We trade somebody old to Seattle. I dunno, Alfonso Soriano, maybe. We bring Jesus home.

This resurrects Jesus, of course. He rekindles his former prospect status, the way Soriano briefly did last August. He turns into the right-handed DH, 1B and "during-emergency-break-glass" catcher that we once envisioned, long before we ever heard the name Jose Campos.

Of course, it's just a fantasy. Like thinking Tex can go the year without wrist issues, eh?


Suzyn's Bitch said...

I'm gamy!

bennyboy said...

Mike Ford? Plz?

Buhner's Ghost said...

Take our Jesus, please. Jesus the Bowery Savings Bank.

John M said...

And as Joe D knew, the Bowery saves a lot.

I say let Murphy play first or let him catch and just stow McCann at first. McCann isn't going anywhere, and there's no reason why we can't have Murphy in the lineup. Might make up for poor McC a bit.

And never, ever, ever put Kelly Johnson back at first. Give the guy...and us...and the team...a break. There must be someone who can both catch Jeter's errant throws and hit over .220.

ceeja said...

The Bowery, The Bowery,
The Bowery saves a lot;
The Bowery saves you six percent,
Where other banks
Simply do not