Monday, May 19, 2014

Bring back the Bambino

If Michael Jackson can be reanimated to perform for the star-struck masses, why not bring back all the greatest, iconic players for each team and begin a new baseball cyber-league? Call it Cyber League Baseball (CLB).

Imagine the possibilities. Mantel, Ruth, Jeter, Mo, and Berra all in their prime and all on the same team playing each night against historic opponents comprised of their greatest players. Or how about the '38 Yankees vs. the '98 Yankees?

Baseball has over a century of accumulated stats and the technology is almost here. No other sport loves it's past more than baseball.

Duque says we'll live to see at least 3 more Yankee pennants before we croak. I'm thinking we'll see regularly scheduled CLB games first.

1 comment:

John M said...

Hal and Cash will bring back Red Ruffing to shore up the pitching staff. Haven't you heard? Our lineup is just great the way it is.

Actually, maybe Herb Pennock's DNA is available...